In-House Diagnostics

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We proudly offer a comprehensive range of in-house diagnostics to provide efficient and accurate assessments of your pet’s health.

Our advanced laboratory equipment enables us to perform various tests, including blood work, which helps evaluate organ function, detect infections, and monitor overall health. With urinalysis, we can analyze your pet’s urine for signs of urinary tract infections, kidney function, and other urinary system disorders. Our digital radiography allows us to obtain detailed images of your pet’s internal structures, aiding in the diagnosis of fractures, tumors, and other abnormalities.

We also provide cytology services, examining cell samples to identify potential infections or abnormal cell growth. Additionally, our ultrasound technology allows us to visualize internal organs and assess their function, assisting in detecting conditions such as pregnancy or abnormalities.

With these comprehensive in-house diagnostics, we can quickly and accurately diagnose your pet’s health conditions, ensuring the most effective treatment and care.

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